Weird & Wonderful

Sleep anywhere with this pillow you can wear

Some inventions look pretty silly, don’t they? For frequent travelers, students in high school or university studying too hard and office workers who work late, they might want to bury their head in a pillow and get a quick nap. Making … Continued

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Meet Tomatan – the adorable tomato feeding robot

A Japanese vegetable juice company has designed a new a wearable tomato feeding robot for marathon runners. Yes. A tomato feeding robot.

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Did you know: 10 crazy inventor facts

Welcome to Junior Inventors top 10 crazy inventor facts of the month – where we bring you the most ‘whaaaat?’ facts on inventors of past and present.

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The life of robots: design, learn and discover!

Learn about the exciting world of robots in this fun class lesson. Get your students to design their own awesome robot, find out about their history and learn about the laws of robotics all scientists must adhere to so they don’t take over the world!

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Totally Random

Dutch kid invents a system to allow the ocean to clean itself

Every year, up to eight million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean. Enter Dutch kid Boyan Slat, who has invented a way to allow the oceans to clean themselves.

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Crazy fuel efficient car

Students at Hunan University in Changsha made a fuel-efficient car that can travel 100 km, 62 miles, on only one liter of gas. It goes at up to 60 km per hour.

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Draw circuits instantly in conductive silver ink with this awesome pen

Classrooms might become a whole lot more exciting with this new invention that allows you to actually DRAW a functioning circuit with conductive silver ink!

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D.I.Y Special Stomp Rocket

Learn how to make an awesome Stomp Rocket in this fun and simple science experiment that you can impress NASA with. How high can you make yours go?

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