Weird & Wonderful

Sleep anywhere with this pillow you can wear

Some inventions look pretty silly, don’t they? For frequent travelers, students in high school or university studying too hard and office workers who work late, they might want to bury their head in a pillow and get a quick nap. Making … Continued

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Meet Tomatan – the adorable tomato feeding robot

A Japanese vegetable juice company has designed a new a wearable tomato feeding robot for marathon runners. Yes. A tomato feeding robot.

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Did you know: 10 crazy inventor facts

Welcome to Junior Inventors top 10 crazy inventor facts of the month – where we bring you the most ‘whaaaat?’ facts on inventors of past and present.

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The life of robots: design, learn and discover!

Learn about the exciting world of robots in this fun class lesson. Get your students to design their own awesome robot, find out about their history and learn about the laws of robotics all scientists must adhere to so they don’t take over the world!

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Totally Random

They just invented the hoverboard!

The levitating skateboard has been a popular idea since Marty McFly from the 80’s movie Back to The Future rode around on one, making us all want one really really badly. Now it looks like it could become a reality with Lexus unveiling The Slide

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Halloween science special: exploding pumpkin heads!

Pumpkins are great for Halloween decorations (and they also taste great with chicken!) but we have discovered a new great use for them: The PUMPKINCANO! In this fun experiment we will see the chemical reaction when combining baking soda and vinegar.

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5 accidental inventions we use today

Inventions are usually created when an inventor identifies a problem, then works tirelessly on solving that problem until the first working prototype is produced. However, not all inventions have been created this way. In fact, some have taken the inventor … Continued

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Turn your arm into a touchscreen

Imagine playing games or watching videos on your own arm! The Circet wristband does just that, using a projector to show the screen and an array of sensors to let it know where your finger is.

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