Project: Draw Your Own Eiffel Tower

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your very own Eiffel Tower? We know you don’t have room to build a life-size version, we’re going to show you a way to draw your mini model of the Eiffel Tower using only a marker and a sheet of paper!

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Hot Ice Sculptures – where art, magic, and science meet

Our favorite science experiments are the ones that involve a touch of creativity and a sprinkle of magic. Create some hot ice sculptures using vinegar and baking soda. Work building different shapes and try different colours!

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Can a carrot play a musical note?

Discover all about woodwind instruments! Some of them use a thin piece of wood called a reed in the mouthpiece to produce the sound. Let’s have a go at making a carrot clarinet from some household items!

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D.I.Y – Create a water cycle in a bag

There is only a limited amount of water on the planet which moves around in something called a water cycle. We’re going to show you a cool experiment that demonstrates this perfectly by creating your very own water cycle bag!

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The delights of colour: Build your own spectrometer

A spectrometer is a device that studies the composition of light. Yes, light is not actually white – it consists of many different colours! Create your own spectrometer using a CD and a cereal box. Easy, peasy!

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Project: D.I.Y. Submarine – Build Your Own Bath Time Explorer!

Bath time just became way more fun, because we’re going to show you how to make your very own submarine and find those bath toys lost deep under the bubbles!

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Challenge: the powerful catapult!

We dare you to build the most awesome and powerful projectile launcher ever constructed! You can play this game with a group of friends or with your family as a challenge to see who launches the projectiles furthest! Go for it!

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Water filter out of recycled materials

We are going to show you a wonderful hack to turn a jar into a water filter using materials that can be found in your house and garden! Easy and fun experiment!

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Curiosity spark game: The mirror

Thinking outside the box means to think differently, from a new perspective. This way of thinking helps children to be more creative and look at things and ideas from different angles. This time, you will have to think of what else you could do with a mirror.

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Make It Better: Reinvent the Christmas Tree!

These innovation games can help develop creative minds that build a better world! We dare you to design an alternative X­mas Tree! Think about how you can make your tree even more functional and beautiful than before!

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