The perfect ball!

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Because of people’s love for sports and recreation, all sorts of equipment has been invented over time. And a very popular piece of equipment has been the ball. Have fun and learn by doing this bouncing ball physics activity!

Spotlight – Thomas Adams and the new chew!

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Do you remember what happened to Violet Beauregarde when she ate Willy Wonker’s experimental gum? Fortunately real gum chewing experiences are a bit more fun! Tune in to how chewing gum is made and design your own chewing gum!

Fighting Fire Using Sound Waves

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Every year fires cause devastation in people’s homes, workplaces and in the countryside. It can be very difficult and expensive to put out fires. Explore with your class the relationship between fire and oxygen trough this activity and lesson plan.

Invisibility Cloaks

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Until recently, the ability to make something disappear from view has only existed in magical stories. Harry Potter uses a Cloak of Invisibility to sneak into forbidden areas of his school and remain unseen. Scientists may be getting closer to inventing a real-life invisibility cloak!

Engineering Shoes – One step at a time

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There are many things to consider when buying a new pair of shoes – size, shape, use, colour, style, materials, durability, price and the level of comfort.
If you could design your ideal pair of shoes, what would they be like?

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