Rockin’ Roller Coasters

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Roller coasters rock! What causes them to jet around loops and over hills at super speed without an engine? Roller coasters are powered when potential energy is converted into kinetic energy! Your students are going to love this activity!

Challenge: the powerful catapult!

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We dare you to build the most awesome and powerful projectile launcher ever constructed! You can play this game with a group of friends or with your family as a challenge to see who launches the projectiles furthest! Go for it!

Curiosity spark game: The mirror

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Thinking outside the box means to think differently, from a new perspective. This way of thinking helps children to be more creative and look at things and ideas from different angles. This time, you will have to think of what else you could do with a mirror.

The Fantastic Flow Hive

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The Flow Hive is a fantastic example of innovation and invention in an effort to improve a difficult process. Become a bee expert and teach your students about the flow hive!

Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower is one of the most impressive man-made structures ever built. Teach your students about the different buildings structures and use various building materials in the classroom to create tall structures.

Make It Better: Reinvent the Christmas Tree!

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These innovation games can help develop creative minds that build a better world! We dare you to design an alternative X­mas Tree! Think about how you can make your tree even more functional and beautiful than before!

D.I.Y. Christmas Tree

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Christmas is coming! We encourage you to be different this year and build your very own Christmas tree. This D.I.Y. project is perfect for kids to develop their engineering and design skills! Below are some cool ideas ideas that you can use for inspiration!

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