The Fontus Water Bottle

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Introducing the Fontus, a water bottle designed by a student named Kristof Retezar. The Fontus is a water bottle that has the ability to FILL ITSELF by harvesting moisture from humid and dense air around us. Currently, the Fontus is being thought of as a water bottle that can be attached to a bicycle for those going on long cycling journeys, but may also present a potential solution to the world’s water scarcity problems. This means that there is a distinct possibility for people in hot and humid areas that have no access to fresh water to actually leave the device out in the open and collect the water they need!

The Fontus has the ability to collect about half a litre (0.5 quarts) per hour, when applied under the right conditions, and uses condensation to collect moisture inside the bottle (you can learn all about condensation and water cycles here). It operates using solar-powered cells that absorb energy from the sun’s rays, which in turn are used to power a cooler system in the Fontus called a Peltier Element.

This cooler is divided into two chambers, the upper one cools down air using the energy from the Peltier Element, and the lower chamber heats it up. The air is gathered in the bottle as the bicycle rushes forward. As the hot air rises into the upper chamber, it pushes through perforated walls designed to separate the water molecules from the air as it passes through, filling the Fontus with water!

Inquiry – Digging Deeper
It is well documented that there are many people around the world that aren’t lucky enough to have access to clean, running water on a regular basis. In lesser-developed places, people are sometimes forced to walk kilometres every day just to get enough water for their families to live off. According to latest statistics provided by the United Nations, more than 2 billion people across more than 40 countries are living in areas where water is scarcely available. Still unconvinced about how important water is? Check out the video below: