Curiosity spark game: The mirror

Curiosity spark game: The mirror

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Thinking outside the box means to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. This way of thinking helps children to be more creative and look at things and ideas from different angles – sparking innovation.

The Curiosity Spark game is not about real working inventions, it’s about science fiction! Science fiction can be thanked for many modern day inventions. It’s the creativity before the technology that inspires the science to make it happen!



This time, you will have to think of what else you could do with a mirror (besides look at yourself in it!) to transform it into something amazing and unique!

Think about the functionalities that you would like it to have, what features would you add?


What you’ll need:

10 minutes of your time

One piece of paper each



How to play:


  • Think about all the new uses that a mirror could have.


  • Warm up your brain! Take a piece of paper and write every idea that comes to your mind that would make a mirror more functional (even if it sounds crazy!). Think about the mirror’s shape or the way that it reflects things!


  • Talk about all the ideas so far, combine some of them and draw your final, best new invention! Under your drawing, write all the great things that your reinvented mirror could do!



Child: What if a mirror could reflect emotions?

Parent: What if your clothes were made out of mirrors?

Child: What if a mirror could help people to try different hair styles?