Curiosity game: Invent the greatest superhero ever!

Curiosity game: Invent the greatest superhero ever!

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Inventors need to have an element of incredible curiosity and imagination in order to come up with truly innovative inventions.Curiosity-Spark-JI

What skills and capabilities should we teach the children of today? Problem-solving skills, lateral thinking and the confidence to try new ideas are all outcomes of nurturing creativity!

In this game between you and your child, you can explore the endless possibilities of ideas. This game isn’t about real working inventions. It’s science fiction.



In this fun game, children will learn about the principles of problem-solving. The game is a mix of storytelling and design. Objective: Create your own superhero!


Step 1

Discuss problems that your community faces, or society in general. Make a list of these. e.g. pollution, bullying, traffic jams.


Step 2

Choose one problem. Think about how a superhero can fix that problem with a special power. Invent and create her/his special power gadget.


Step 3

Unlock your inner artist and draft your superhero avatar, including their special gadget! Design his/her superhero emblem. Name your superhero.

You can also create your own superhero through these free websites:


Step 4

Take your superhero to a new level and write his or her story!