D.I.Y Special Stomp Rocket

D.I.Y Special Stomp Rocket

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Impress Nasa by learning how to make an awesome Stomp Rocket in this fun and simple science experiment.

A stomp rocket works by applying air pressure to the rocket’s body. By stomping on an attached air bladder, air rushes towards the rocket, launching it into the sky.

What you’ll need:

1x 2L plastic bottle
1 x 350ml plastic bottle
1x 1 1\2 meter flexible tube
1 x adhesive tape
1 x cardboard sheet
1 x pair of scissors

How to make the Rocket:

  1. Attach one end of the flexible tube to the 2L bottle’s (air bladder) opening.
  2. With scissors, cut out triangular wing tips from the cardboard sheet and attach them to the 350ml plastic bottle. Try adding a nose cone and other rocket features. Remember the bottle opening is to be at the bottom of your rocket.
  3. Insert the flexible tube into the rocket’s opening. If the tube is too small, wrap adhesive tape around it until it is thick enough to fit snuggly into the opening.
  4. Hold the tube just below the base of the rocket, at about waist height, with the rocket pointing up and away from you. Position the 2L bottle on the ground near your foot.
  5. Stomp on the 2L bottle and watch the rocket blast into the stratosphere!

Extra learning

Did you know that you can alter the rocket’s flight by changing the angle you point the rocket and the force you use to stomp on the air bladder? If you really want to take it up a notch, experiment with different wingtip designs to see if they also affect the rocket’s flight.

Watch how it’s done!