Challenge: engineer your own newspaper fortress

Challenge: engineer your own newspaper fortress

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Try and see if you can create a fortress out of a simple newspaper. Think you can? It will require some engineering genius, which we know are skills our Junior inventors have!

The aim is to create a fortress out of newspaper that can house either you or even one of your pet animals!

What you need:

Large newspaper
Glue or stapler or tape

fortress 2


Start the challenge by following these steps

Step 1

Take as many sheets of newspaper as you want. (the bigger the newspaper the better)
Roll every paper so they are tighter for building a structure.
For easier rolling, the trick is to start with taking a center page of a newspaper, then hold a corner of the paper and start turning it inwards using your thumb and forefinger.

Step 2

Midway, apply a drop of glue on the paper, continue rolling over the glue. Keep rolling the paper in the same motion until the paper finishes. Secure the end with a small piece of tape or stapling it.
Create as many triangles as you can with your newspaper rolls. Use at least 25 tubes so you can create a big one fortress! You know, so many enemies outside 😉

Step 3

Secure the triangles together to build whatever size structure you want! The size will depend on how many triangles you made.

Step 4

Just make sure you have enough for the roof and lets your imagination do the rest! You can play with differents shapes and learn about geometry! A little trick, place a blanket as a roof so no one can see you!


fortress show it off