The Curiosity Spark Game: Reinventing the Chair

The Curiosity Spark Game: Reinventing the Chair

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Inventors need to have an element of incredible curiosity and imagination in order to come up with truly innovative inventions.

In this game between you and your child, you can explore the endless possibilities of ideas. This game isn’t about real working inventions. It’s science fiction.  Curiosity Spark JI

Science fiction can be thanked for some of the innovative, futuristic inventions that we use today! For example, the mobile phone came out of star trek, the submarine came out of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and jetpacks, drones and smart watches was inspired by The Jetsons!


Start with the chair. What features can we add to a chair to make it the coolest chair ever invented? Can it have another function? Can it be completely transformed?

What you’ll need
8 mins
markers / pens

How to play
In this game, parent and child take turns starting with the simple idea of a chair, then by adding a feature each one by one – you will start to form a vision of your new dreamed up invention!

Write down each feature so you don’t forget all your amazing new features


Child – what if it had wheels
Parent – what if it had a steering wheel so you can guide those wheels

Child: what if it had a TV screen that went above your head
Parent: what if it had a popcorn machine attached

At the end of the game, sketch it up! How far can you go? How did you transform the ordinary humble chair? Is it still a chair or did it take on a brand new form?

In science fiction, nothing is impossible.