Welcome to Junior Inventors! We have created a unique range of teacher and parent resources designed to encourage children to think outside the box. We look forward to you joining us on this journey of curiosity and wonderment. Please feel free to contribute at any stage – we will always be thrilled to hear from you.

Happy Inventing!
Billie and the Junior Inventors Team

This week for teachers

Let them shine!

Have you ever wondered why coins look dull brown after some time? It is an example of chemical reaction in everyday life. First we need to know that the basic building block for all matter in the universe is atoms, which are extremely small.

Fallen Leaves Bring Life

Do you enjoy seeing the yellow, orange and red leaves of deciduous trees in Autumn? Do you enjoy hearing the dry, papery sound under your feet when you walk through piles of leaves? Have you ever wondered why Mother Nature does not remove fallen leaves?

Standing Tall and Bearing Weight

Bridges are all around us. They are in different shapes. How do they hold our weight – railroad trains, cars, or people? Besides, bridges also have to bear environmental forces like wind and water!

This week for parents

Make your own electromagnet and learn about hover technology

Did you know electricity can create a magnetic field? Make your own electromagnet and discover the possibilities by learning about the Maglev train that hovers using electromagnetivity..

Make it better game: Invent the new super watch

In the technological age in which we live, innovation games can prepare children for successful careers and help them make a real difference. In This game, we will look at reinventing the watch to make it the most functional device ever created!

Challenge: the powerful catapult!

We dare you to build the most awesome and powerful projectile launcher ever constructed! You can play this game with a group of friends or with your family as a challenge to see who launches the projectiles furthest! Go for it!